Entrepreneur’s Mindset to a Six Figure Income

Entrepreneur’s Mindset to a Six Figure Income

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Entrepreneur’s mindset to a six figure income, is it possible without running your business “like” a business?

Honestly, if I have to answer this for you then you either need to rethink your mindset or give up the idea of owning your own business.

I don’t mean to be rude I really don’t, what I do intend to do is be 100% truthful and real with you. Let me ask you another question…

“If you went out of your house into any business in your area would you find any of the successful businesses that hasn’t had to lay out money to build that business?


Now the ones with the white paper over the windows and doors boarded up they might have had the freebie mindset.These are the ones that didn’t think they could afford advertisements or to invest in their business. They are the failed businesses.

Entrepreneur's Mindset

The equivalent in online is:

Entrepreneur's Mindset

There is not one successful entrepreneur out there that didn’t have to lay out money and they will tell you so…well, most will anyway.

To many times people will want to sign up today and make money tomorrow, now listen to me here, “That doesn’t happen”

The sooner you learn this the better:

  • Without ads there are no customers,
  • Without money there are no ads
  • Without customers there is no business
  • Without business “you” make no money

Let me stop right there for a moment. I am not saying that you can’t advertise for free in many places and many of those places are very good. But…

What you will run up against is a time frame that more than likely will turn you away from your entrepreneurial venture. In off-line businesses they say it takes around 5 years to make a profit.

On-line about doubles! (scary yes?)

If you have a great company off-line in a building where people are walking by you will get walk-in customers however, on-line take a look at the competition! In your area you might be the only brick and mortar store that sells (Thing-a-ma-bobs).

On-line chances are there are hundreds of thousands that sell those same (thing-a-ma-bobs)! If you don’t rank in the top 3 position in the search engines you might as well build a store selling sand in the middle of the desert!

The very first thing you must do to own a successful home business is to realize that you WILL have to spend some money to get customers in a reasonable time frame…

====>Before you get discouraged and quit!<====

I sincerely hope that I have been honest enough with you. I also hope that I have not discouraged you in anyway because working from home is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

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May you always seek out those with honesty in their hearts and the Entrepreneur’s mindset in their heads,