Spiritual Haunting

Spiritual Haunting

Spiritual Haunting

Spiritual Haunting most of the time is presumed to be like this picture. The truth is your spirit can haunt you and you never see a thing. It’s a feeling not a vision. This has been working on me for some time and as you will see today I sir-come to it’s will.

Most of my regular readers know that I am a marketer. I work from home 24/7 and love it however, I have let my greedier side take over a blog that I have been very proud of and today I’m switching it back to what it should have been all along.

I have been using this blog to give marketing advise, as well as articles pertaining to marketing and getting away from what is really in my heart…

Spirituality to me is everything. I love marketing and will leave some stuff on the right side bar if you are looking to earn or learn, plus some tools…


Most of the time our spirit doesn’t demand that we hear it; the spirit whispers quietly in the depths of our heart, mind and soul unobtrusively.

If you don’t follow your spirit you will never be all that you can be, you might attain riches, fame or a multitude of other things you think you want only to find it still leaves you hallow inside.

The reason is separating your spiritual guidance from your path in life will haunt you making you miserable. Think about all the rich, famous people out in the world that end up either killing themselves or living a life of drugs, drinking and violence.

What do you suppose “that’s” all about, I wonder!

It’s not the money or the fame that corrupts people it’s the divergent from listening to their spirit guiding them. Perhaps those people feel the spirit should stand up and shout to them what to do, but the spirit doesn’t work that way.

It can be subtle , nagging and down right uncomfortable if you don’t follow it but it never yells at you. This is why you must seek to hear the voice. 

Listen for the whisper inside you,


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