The Marketing Golden Rule is…

The Marketing Golden Rule is…

 The Marketing golden rule is the same as life’s golden rule; you must treat others the way you want to be treated. You don’t want to be lied to, lead on or miss-guided and no one else does either!

You don’t want to give others your time of reading what they have written or anything they have published if they don’t return the respect. They don’t either.

When you are doing networking be honest. It’s the right thing to do. If you do anything but honesty your ethics will come into question and that will be…


  • Your credibility
  • Your ethics
  • Everything you have been working for

In business on or off line your reputation is everything. It is worse on line because your word,ethics and reputation is all you have what’s worse is you won’t get a second chance.

The main goal in your business should be, “Always follow” The Golden Rule.

If you do this you will be shocked at the loyalty you will receive from others. How do I know this? I can tell you from experience. There are some marketers after my many years on line that if they just sent me a URL and said get in this; I would jump on it.


Because they have proven to me their creditability in the very way I’ve just showed you. I know if they say a program is good; I know it’s NOT just lip service.

Wear that Marketing Golden Rule like a Shield of Honor.


Bless you, your family and all the souls you touch,

Susan J Boston

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