9/11 Tribute The Day Our World Blew Up


9/11 Tribute The Day Our World Blew Up


By: Susan Boston

9/11 Tribute, thirteen years ago this day, our world as we knew it ended. It blew up in a billowing plume of what started out as white smoke turning to the black smoke of death.

Pretty much everyone even 13 years later can remember as though it just happened yesterday the horror, disbelief, confusion, and death that came 9/11. The innocents of America died right along with the 2,996 people that perished that day.

Although the idea of someone blowing up a well-known building was not something we had never dealt with before (let us not forget April 19, 1995) The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City being attacked by a home grown terrorist.

As horrible as that was it in no way prepared us for 9/11. When out of clearest of blue skies, the normal sight of a plane gracefully slicing through the air headed to an unknown destination made its destination known to the world. It was a destination that no one will ever forget.

This event taught Americans a lesson in hate, formally known only to us by watching wars and up risings in other countries not here, not in America that stuff doesn’t happen here in the USA.

Life’s lessons are the hardest and best taught. Finely we here in America learned about total hate because it rained down on this date 13 years ago, not only in New York but our country as a whole!

Not only was it the buildings of the World Trade Center exploding and then imploding. It was also our innocents, security, and our belief of being impregnable.
This day 13 years ago we were taught yes total hatred exist, it taught us we are not untouchable, it taught us war can come to the United States of America.

“We The People of The United States of America” learned this lesson in our cars, homes, work place or wherever you were on that faithful day our innocents was taken from us. We watch holding our breath, mouths open in disbelief, uttering “Oh my God”, and clinging to each other in a fear we had never known.

Where were you that day? Do you remember? I know you do; I know I do.

I had been getting ready to go somewhere when mom called me into the living room saying “There is something bad going on” I entered took one look at the TV and said, “Naaaa, mom that’s just some movie.” Then I realized we were watching a major News channel. I slumped down staring and yet not quite seeing, hearing but not believing as we watched…like you…without breathing, mouth open, saying, “Oh my God.”

Know that the threat is real; know that we are strong with the Guardian Angels of the Innocent that died that day watching over us.
We are The United States of America.

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