“GOD, Why Are You Doing This to Me?”

“GOD, Why Are You Doing This to Me?”http://i1.wp.com/www.dailyinspirationalquotes.in/wp-content/kapson_uploads/daily_quote_images/2014/10-03-2014-00-Spiritual-Quotes.jpg

“God, why are you doing this to me?” Do you ever feel this way? You don’t have to feel bad. I guess there are not many of us out there that haven’t ask God this question at sometime in our lives.

Personally, I know I have and more than one time. Tell me something, have you ever felt like God doesn’t care about you?

Do you ever question the existence of God when bad things are going on in your life?

I know growing up I was a pretty good kid but now and again I would mess up naturally when I did my mom was right there to straighten me right out.

Many times at the end of a belt on the back side. I can remember those very few times it came to a spanking.

I can also remember that she would have a talk with me before the punishment and this is something of how it went:

“Susan this is going to hurt me more than it is you, but you have to learn that when you do wrong there are consequences.

If I didn’t love you I would care WHAT you did, I’d just let you do what ever you wanted even if you got hurt. But I love you and I don’t want you doing things that hurts you.”

Tell me if you ever heard that one! :)

Never believe that just because God is hard on you that he doesn’t love you. He does! That is the reason he is so hard on you because he knows that you need change.

Many times if we are not tested and pushed to the limits we will drown in our own self destruction.

With all of God’s love,