You Think Progress Simplifies Life It Doesn’t!

Progress doesn’t simplify your life it might make it easier but that’s not making things simple. There is a big difference in the two words.

Make your life simple because simple is where your success lies. We tend to think of success in money, houses, cars and all those inanimate objects that we treasure so much that means so little.

It seems the general consistences is that progress over the years has meant making life simpler. Did it really?

This is progress


Progress has been made from the 1950’s genealogy of this car to the present but has it really made your life more simple? Which was more simple to work on, which one cost less to fix?

Yes, it may park it’s self, have back up view, and computerized out the wazoo but think about all the things that could go wrong? I mean have you (met) computers? :)

It is wonderful that you have all these cute toys, just don’t let the obsession of these things get in your way of living your life. The first thing you should think about and be thankful for in the morning is not what a great car that you will be driving…

It should be your alive to drive that car! :)

The more you simplify your life the happier you will be this includes if you are trying to run your own business. You should not over think things and if you are in a business to where you must do this then rethink that business.

Go out and make “Your” life a success!

Susan J Boston

Remember to back up your life.