Marketing Induced Euphoria

Marketing Induced Euphoria

Marketing induced euphoria of the masses. I’m guessing this isn’t a term you have heard much in your marketing efforts. Honestly, it’s doubtful you have ever heard it connected with marketing.

Let’s take a look at this odd but real state of our mental being where marketing is concerned. We have to start with the definition of the word euphoria:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 “Euphoria (/ju??f??ri?/; from Ancient Greek ???????, from ??eu, “well”, and ????pher?, “to bear”) (semantically opposite of dysphoria) is medically recognized as a mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, excitement and joy.[1]“
If you have ever been to a really good webinar, or some of the conventions that are held concerning marketing you know exactly what I am talking about. There is a euphoria that fills the room when there is a dynamic speaker holding the audience spell bound. The speaker can mesmerize the audience into believing that anyone within listening distance can work at marketing or benefit somehow by joining up.
In addition a dynamic speaker can assure the listeners their CDs, books, businesses or programs and so on have the exact answer that they need to fulfill the need to succeed and answer all the reasons the attendants are not yet rich.
They preach the awesome wonderfulness of the traveling they do, kinds of cars they drive and beautiful homes they own. It’s not unheard of for them to wrap all this in a pretty package by saying something like, “I’m not telling you this to brag. I am telling you this to show you that anyone can do this!”
The mental acceptance of the speakers wondrous picture sets in motion the euphoric feelings within the recipient of this could all be theirs. The listener has bought into all that the dynamic speaker is saying.
The listener now has successfully placed their life in the position of the speaker. However…
What is the speaker leaving out?
Example 1: (The money factor)
Many times what is left out is the amount of time and money it has taken them to get to this point. Then there is the income and out go statistics. (If you make 12,000 a month and spend 24,000 per month to get that 12 where does that leave you?)
Example 2: (Personality and Looks factor)
Example two is a bit more visible. If you check around the world of marketing what you will find is the top earners are of the highest quality of Extraverts…


Extraversion is “the act, state, or habit of being predominantly concerned with obtaining gratification from what is outside the self”.[4] Extraverts tend to enjoy human interactions and to be enthusiastic, talkative, assertive, and gregarious. Extraverts are energized and thrive off of being around other people. They take pleasure in activities that involve large social gatherings, such as parties, community activities, public demonstrations, and business or political groups. An extroverted person is likely to enjoy time spent with people and find less reward in time spent alone. They tend to be energized when around other people, and they are more prone to boredom when they are by themselves. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The looks factor is pretty much self explanatory. Most of the top earners are good looking people. I’m sorry I know that’s politically frowned upon but lets call it like it is folks :)

People like good looking people there is no sin in this but it’s a fact; face it elections have been won on looks and it’s a proven fact!

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that there is anything wrong with either one of these factors, what I’m saying is if you really look beyond the euphoria you will find I am right.

People are drawn to and accept as fact the words spoken in webinars because of the speaker’s ability to drive the audience into a euphoric state of buying/joining anything they are promoting.

This is “Marketing Induced Euphoria” This is the accelerator pored on the fire of of a marketing frenzy.

Proceed in your travels with positivity and awareness,