Religious Reneging Are You Guilty?

Religious Reneging Are You Guilty?

Religious reneging are you guilty? Well, Are you? I guess really that’s not a fair question :) since most people don’t know what that even means. We will get to that shortly. I want to tell you kind of a funny short story.

     Several years ago I attended for quite some time this little church near my house. What drew me to that little church was the preacher. He was an older man. When he preached he “brought it”! He preached the old time gospel and straight from the Bible. 

He pulled no punches and it didn’t seem like he cared much if anyone didn’t like the truth. Now where this got interesting not to mention funny was the different attitudes among the masses in the church. Depending on who you were was the determining factor if you were on board with what he was saying or not.

I’ll be honest with you, “I was really a bit worried about the preachers good-health after the sermon with all the irate ones that were there that day.

This was the day I found out what religious reneging was and now if you don’t know your going to find out too :)

The sermon that day was about men and women. He preached on marriage what it was, what it meant, how wonderful it was with amen’s shouted out all over until… the preacher  got to the part about women obey your husbands.

Oh you heard amen’s but was in baritone voices (chuckles) at least until the husbands turned and saw the look on their wife’s faces! It was so quite in that church for the rest of the sermon you could have heard a cotton ball dropping to the carpeted floor. There wasn’t a lot of ladies shaking hands and talking with the preacher after church either.

So, what is religious reneging? Religious reneging is when we as Christians or Spiritual being take only the parts of the written/spoken word that we like and avoid or bristle at those things we don’t like!

Are you guilty? Do you do this? I know I have been guilty of it and I think most would have to answer the same not sure if they will :) but still if you are guilty try and focus on this…

If God’s word is gospel in one part of the Bible it’s gospel in all the Bible.

Bless you and all those you touch,