Impossible Becomes Possible Watch…

Impossible Becomes Possible Watch…

impossible becomes possible

Impossible becomes possible right before your very eyes watch…

Impossible becomes possible because impossible is just a matter of perception. If you could have asked this man in the video when he woke up this particular morning did he believe,  before the day was over he would…

Lift a car 10 inches off the ground by hand and save a life what do you think he would have said?

“That’s Imposable?”

Most likely yes, that’s exactly what you would expect anyone to say. You see that morning it would have been impossible because the thought process of the man was that indeed it was impossible. (matter of perception)

By the end of the day if you could ask the man, “is anything impossible” he would most likely say, “No, there is nothing impossible.”

What changed? The meaning of possible and impossible? No, what changed was the mans perception of what was possible and what was not impossible.

By the same token had you asked all involved it the accident scene, “If they believed a little boy could be entirety ran over by a car and live with it running over his head.” What answer would you have gotten?  Just a guess but I would say the answer would be, “There’s no way that is impossible!”

But was it? NO!

The impossible became possible. Impossible is a conclusion of a thought and thoughts are not justified by reality, possible is the justified conclusion of that which is concrete.

Always be positive because impossible doesn’t exist.

May all your thoughts be positive.


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