Success Comes From Within You

Success Comes From Within You

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Success comes from within you not from what you do on the outside. You can do everything right on the outside and still not succeed.

This is true of everything in your life.

Whether you are searching for success in Love, Business or just plain life it all comes from the calmness within you.

Are you one of those people that hates the quiet?

Maybe, that’s because you are afraid if you are given the chance to hear your soul you will have to deal with thoughts and feelings you’d rather push away.

It’s not the silence that bothers you, it’s the soulful truth you are avoiding. If you ever want to…

“Seek that which calms the soul” you have to listen and find out what is bothering your very existence. When you do this “Your truth will follow”

The questions you ask will be answered, your burdens will be lightened, then you start to grow and with that growth you will find your success.

Growing your field of success is just like planting a garden. First you must remove the rubbish, banish the weeds, then smooth out or calm the soil.

When this is done nature and the Universe takes over and you sit back and watch that garden grow harvesting the bounty.

You may raise anything you wish in your garden, a business, your life, love, your enlightenment or any numbers of things. :)

I wish you gentle rain and sunshine in the garden of your choice.

Now…hush and listen to the silence don’t fear it embrace it.