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    I Started My Business It’s Fight or Give Up


    Fight or Give UP??????



    I started my own business, to be honest, I started a lot of companies. I know, I know, should have given up long ago, but that’s not who I am. You know all through life we run into two choices, fight or give up. Look around you, and you will see who made what decision.



    I would love nothing better than to tell you; I started my first business and was rich in three months. Mom said, don’t lie, so Susan doesn’t tell fibs. When you want to do something, Murphy’s Law does it’s best to mess you around. If something can go wrong, it will. What do you do?



    • Fight
    • Give up



    If you are the one that said fight, I want to talk to you contact me: susan@susanjboston.com.  If you picked to give up, you still have the option to keep fighting. All you have to do is continue reading. It’s all up to you. Everything outside of death and taxes are in your hands; you just don’t know it yet.


    Your Second Chance to Fight!



    There are a thousand and one reasons for you not to reach out and grab your dream. I’m sure if you ask family and friends they can list all 101 for you. I’m not putting your friends and family down; they are just protecting you. It’s great they love you but, you can’t reach your dreams if you are hiding in a closet! 



    You have to get up and get out of your comfort zone and just plain do it! You will get kicked down, but if you do, pick yourself up. Reach up and grab the tail of that dream, passing you by and pull yourself up.   



    All my life, the more people told me I couldn’t do something, the harder I tried. Nine times out of ten, I proved them wrong. Head-strong, stubborn, pig-headed yes been called all of those. But you know what? My trophy is the smile of satisfaction on my face at the end. 



    You may get depressed, down, and mad. You may even actually quit as I did for a short time if you do, just kick yourself in the butt for letting yourself down and get right back up.



    Insight For Those Still Reading



    I’ve already scared 98% of you off I’m pretty sure but, to the rest of you that stuck it out and read to this point, I have some good news for you. I know I make it sound pretty bad. The reality is this it isn’t easy; it takes a few things to become a successful business owner. One, of course, is being so stubborn you make a mule cry. Let me give you the 411 on how you make this work.



    1. Give it time
    2. Never give up (no matter what)
    3. Realize you have to  put money into a business
    4. Run your business like a business, not some game or hobby.



    No business starts on top or in profit. You have to give it time. Usually, the period is 3 to 5 years, at least before you can see a benefit. If it for some reason, doesn’t come together, you still don’t give up. You just move on and do it over and over until you are successful. 



    Now that I have explained to give it time and never give up. The next significant information is you can not run a business on no money. People are tying this all the time. The way things are right now with people having no jobs or hours cut these people are turning to the internet thinking, they can start up a business and make money. 



    It does not work that way. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t, regardless of what many marketers out there will tell you. Business on the internet is product and affiliate based. You either have to sell products or start teams of people selling products. The model of this type of business is called Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing. 



    In this niche, you must reach out to people and invite them to look a what you have to offer. You can compare this to a store putting out ads for what they have on sale. You must pay for advertising to pull those people into you so that you can talk to them. You will have questionable marketers say, “You can just visit with people on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites and get them to sign up.” 



    Yes, you can do this; however, I have doubts that you will live long enough doing it that way to see any success at all. I tell you this only because it’s true. The last thing I want to let you know, you must run this like a business. You keep up with what you spend, what you earn, just like any real business. You do what you have to do to keep your business going. When you do this, you will be a success! 



    You Made it This Far You  Deserve to Know.



    In closing, those of you that are still here I feel you deserve to know because you want to follow your dreams. I want to answer a question many people ask but rarely do I respond. The reason I never answer is:



    1. Those people want to see how I’m doing, to judge how they will do. You can’t judge by that, because we are all different.

    2. Plus, honestly, it’s no one’s business. Naturally, when I don’t answer people think I’m lying, that’s their loss, not mine.  



    I work very hard at my business; I do make good money. I also make money from residual income, even if I don’t work at all. I always work, but at one point for family health reasons, I was not able to touch the computer for six months. The income still showed up. You work hard, and your rewards will come.



    Are you ready for your rewards? If you are, I am right here, willing to help you, teach you, and support you 100%. Time for your decision is now, are you ready to fight or give up? Remember, the choice is always yours.


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    Susan Boston


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