Help For Online Marketers There are many new people hitting

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Help For Online Marketers


Internet Purpose is Changing



Many new people are hitting the internet these days. They are arriving not for the cute pictures, or visits, they are filtering in to try to replace the income from jobs lost or shut down. Thanks to the Pandemic!



I have seen businesses that have been in business for 30 or 40 years now hanging closed permanently on their doors. It is so heartbreaking. Mothers and dad tore between breaking the law or feeding their children. We never had to deal with this on such a mass scale. 



I know there will be many of these income seekers that will be taken to the cleaners by so-called fly-by-night businesses. The scammers are not as bad as when I first started but make no mistake they are out there.



I don’t mean to pick just on the new people, I’ve seen more than I wanted to with several years online get taken as well as the newbies.

I am not turning up my nose or trying to be self-important here because I have no shame in telling you I have been there just like you and others.



Yes, even after I had several years under my belt in marketing. Let me explain to you why people do this. Then maybe you and others will be shielded from the same fate I encountered.



The Cold Hard Truth









This type of marketing pulls at your strings of urgency, amazement, and fear. If you watch the infomercials, you will notice the host is charismatic. You know the type like they have had four too many Redbull drinks.


They talk faster than you can listen at an accelerated rate close to that of mass hysteria. Your adrenaline levels go way up, your excitement rises next thing you know products you don’t need or want comes to your door!


In marketing, you usually will have the same type of charismatic leaders doing the same thing. They might not be yelling or getting loud; many times, the empathy approach works just as well or better.  

What Happens Next?






Next comes many of the audience signing up for a program, thinking the person talking to them understands them perfectly. In the name of honesty, many times, they do understand.


Long time marketers or many of them started for the same reason others do, necessity, the need for more money, better life, family, and many other reasons, all of which most people would relate to when they hear the seminar or meeting.




The Main Draw Back to Marketing







Signing up to try and better yourself isn’t the problem. When it does become a problem is if you sign up with someone that is not working the business or never helps you. 



At some point along the way, you might see marketers from other businesses you think will help you. Some marketers will do this for you. Most, however, will not, unless you sign up on whatever program they are working to build.




Now Your Big Problem Starts








You are now stuck with a business you are determined to build with no idea how to do it and no one to help you. Do you see the problem? It is at this point I enter into your life. 


I am here, I’ve been here a very long time. Do I want you to join me? Yes, of course, I do. However, that is not a requirement of me helping you. 


My mom did not raise to do people that way, and I’m too old to start now! If you are new to marketing or just having problems building your business, tired of trying to succeed, and feel like somewhere, you are something. You need to get with me. I’m going to leave you with this link



This is not a link to a business this is a link to my Facebook page where you can get with me if you need help. I hope you will feel free to use the link without fear of being charged for my coaching, teaching, and helping you.



There have been a few greats throughout my journey in marketing that took me under their wing and guided me and now it’s time to pass it forward. I don’t do this because I feel I have to, I do this because it’s my honor to serve you.

I look forward to helping you.




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