Starting a Business For Dummies

No, I don't think you are a dummy, you are just new. Being new is not a crime, and it sure doesn't make you dumb. The very fact you decided to read this proves you are smart!

Choosing the right business is critical. One theory of picking a company is to make sure it's something you are interested in or maybe something you already are doing or know well. Now, that is a grand theory. There are some drawbacks. 

What if you are interested in collecting thumb-tacks? Maybe you want to sell stuff, in that case, you would not want products that were out of date, or no one wanted or needed. You might be wondering right now, "Well, I'm new to this, so how do I know what is popular or will last?" 

How You Know

Look around you, noticed what type of things have weathered the storms of change. Look at those things that have progressed and grown. Notice and take note of those sectors that are what could be called secure businesses. What I mean by that is like Medical, banks, public services, stores, businesses on line.

Once you have pinpointed those look at what is needed to keep these up and running. Now, what is the one thing that every single business needs? What connects us these days? The Internet. There is literally nothing in the business world of any size these days that isn’t online.

What Choices Are There?

You could pick one of those businesses to target, but why? Would you instead want to make money from one of those companies, or all of them? If you wanted to open say a Home Health Care business, that would be great; however, there are also a lot of expenses to go along with opening and running that business. What if instead of starting that business, you provided a service to that type of service? Not only that one but any other type of business near you or across the globe? Remember, the internet connects it all.

The Logical Answer

The Logical answer may not be your answer because your decision may come from your passion and that’s fine. The old saying is, “If you love what you do, you will never really work a day in your life.”

But the logical answer and decision would be, starting a business online. The reason this decision is not only the most reasonable but the best is, you have a world-wide gallery of companies as possible clients. Not only do you have them, but they are also at your fingertips, with no travel or commuting!

What Business to Look For

Your best bet on a business that will take off is in internet tools. You want to look for things like autoresponder for emails, page builders for ads and getting websites noticed on line. You need a content stream of leads, prospects and customers.

You also have to know how to use and demonstrate those tools unless you find a business that’s also willing to do that for you as well. These internet tools must offer something that other companies don’t provide, things like the lowest price for products plus products that are top of the line.

What Puts This All Together?

What puts the right business, coupled with the right products altogether is you. If you had all that I described in this article but left you out of it, you would not get anywhere. It takes your determination, stubbornness and will not stop till I get it right attitude, for even the best business in the world work.

I wish you all the best life has to give. If you are looking for everything I’ve spoken about in this article in one place and would like to see more then please feel free to click here now for a video.

Bless you and all those lives you touch,

Susan J. Boston

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