The New Age 2020

The New Age 2020

 2020 started like any other year when the ball dropped at Times Square. Just a few months later, The United States and many other countries fell into The New Age. We see things now, many of us have never seen.


There was the pandemic, the closing of America. People told to shelter in place, but if going out to wear masks. The stores shut down, those that had to be open did so with bare shelves.


Added to the mix, the murder of George Floyd by an ex-police officer, caught on video for the world to see. Then the riots began, along with the demonstrations.


Fast forward to today, 6/26/2020 the pandemic is not getting better. Matter of fact it’s getting worse. More and more people are turning to and embracing the new age concept. Until now, a very tiny portion of parents gave much thought to home-schooling, now it is a commonplace thing.


Pre-pandemic, working at home seemed to get listed under another way of saying you do not have a job or caught up in a scam. This new age has seen many people working from home.


Our technological world is suddenly the base of our new world. The modern world, in some ways, is like the old world. Whatever job or business you do or own, still must have tools.


Working at home for your company or you don’t matter; you still have to communicate. It would be best if you had tools like email systems, auto-responders, and conference rooms.


We here at Boston’s Business Tools provide those very things. Our tools rate among the best there is out there and for a lower price. We also offer a bonus of affiliation with us and over 50,000 other affiliates.


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