Reflections of Night

I walk out at night and see this, and I am imminently calm. The calm and quietness of peace wrap around me like a warm blanket on a cold night. Then problems of the day melt away. There is an openness in my soul to receive and accept the love of God. The day’s irritation passes, leaving me with the solitude of perfection. Looking past the mellow glow of the moon into the stars, I realize there is so much more than me in the Universe.

There is a quietness at night that is deafening and yet soothing. It feels like your eardrums are stretching so you can hear all the silence. A feeling of reverence falls over you and you know our creator is there watching over us.

At times I just stare up into the heavens wondering what I could have possibly done to deserve and be awarded this silent beauty.

Upon looking out into a vast space of unknown it leaves you with endless possibilities. You began to wonder, what is, what isn’t, what is there out there, what could be awaiting explorers.

The view starts prying open your heart, soul, and mind causing you to lower your shields of defense. With your shields down your mind body and sprit start working in harmony with the Universe.

This state of mind accepts all concepts interrupted due to our everyday preoccupied life. Things like deep thinking, love, and this state also will indulge us in our spiritual side.

When you step outside next time and think, “What a beautiful night!” Sit down for a bit, think deeper. You might be shocked at what you see and learn about yourself.

Body, Mind, and Soul,


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