How to Save My Business The Changing World

The World is Changing and So Should You!

Are you a business owner? Does “How to save my business ever cross your mind?”


We are going to have to realize it’s not the status quo anymore. The world has indeed changed, and it changed fast, leaving everyone bewildered and confused. We live in a world right now that no one recognizes or wants to accept. Refusing to accept it doesn’t change it.



Unacceptance breeds disaster. If you can’t accept something, you can’t fix it. Few humans accept change well because we are basically animals and change confuses animals.  If you have pets, you already know this. Animals love their ruts and can get irritated when that rut is interrupted! Like the thought or not, we belong to the animal species.


Have you ever had one of those days that NOTHING goes right? Maybe you have even had a week of it; how crazed are you when this happens? We all go through this at times. But a whole YEAR of it! I mean, “Come On!”  Accept the change in your world, think it through, and fix it.


There are always answers if you look hard enough for them. Do you own a business? Is your business going down the tubes? If it is, take it online. Most people seem to think (all) businesses these days are online, but they are not, and now they are failing.  


Put your plan B in place before you need it!


If you are a business owner and you are not online right now, I’m sure you are sweating it out. Stop right now and start restructuring your business to be online. It is the only way you are going to survive. This Pandemic doesn’t seem to want to go away, and even when it does, there will be something just around the corner. Start planning for that something right now; get your plan B in order. Get online and stay there even when things are a bit more normal.


In our world, you are either. Rambo or the victim, it’s your choice! All those Rambos out there click here or, on Rocket’s heart, and let’s talk. But remember this, you must accept it before you can change it!


God bless you and all the lives you touch,

Susan J. Boston



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