Wonder About The Tiny Pocket on Jeans, Name and What’s It For?

Did You Even Know it Had a Name?

When I get a question in my head, I have to have the answer. Granted, my questions don’t concern “The Meaning of  Life” or genius-level thinking; regardless, I have a question it has to be answered!

Putting on jeans one day, I started wondering about the tiny pocket on the jeans. It’s so tiny! My first thought, handy money. I grabbed a couple of bills, folded them, and put them in the pocket; they stuck out, so I removed them folded them smaller. They fit but, then I had a hard time getting them out!

Next, I decided it was for a lighter. I grabbed a Bic lighter put it in; nope, the lighter was too long.  Now, I have a construction problem, so I got bored. I settled on it was just a very stylish pocket. You would think I would move on, but no.

Every time I’d put on jeans, I wondered about the pocket. It would remain a mystery for many years.


The creation of the internet was the perfect answer for people like me! I had decided in my own mind the pocket had to have been for the Zippo lighters because that was the only thing I ever found that would fit! LOL, But as it turns out…

It is called a watch pocket! 

Who knew?

Yes, I know I have too much time on my hands, but hey, I work from home.  Have you ever wondered how to get too much time on YOUR hands? See, you have questions too, but this one I can answer contact me!

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Bless you and all the lives you touch!

Susan J. Boston

Incurable Curiosity



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