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    Happiness Street Sign Smiley Face - Free image on Pixabay

    Welcome to Happiness BLVd; I’ve been waiting for you to join us! Are you a happy person, or are you wanting to be happy but not sure how? You are now on the right road!


    Happiness isn’t something you can buy, although I will admit for many years I thought you could. I felt like if I had a nicer car, home, or more diamond rings, I would be happy. Guess what it didn’t work that way. I also thought it would make me seem more successful. It did not. The more I wanted to be happy, the more I bought.

    Now my shopping sprees didn’t have to be for big expensive things. Anything would do ink pens, coffee cups, little things I would see and think, “I’d be okay if I owned this item.” I know it’s hard to believe, but none of that helped me. One day I started looking back over my life when I was thrilled with the world and myself. Want to know what I found?

    I found my happiest time was as a child. Not because I was younger, but because I knew how true happiness felt. I remember I would get a new pair of tennis shoes; the new shoes didn’t make me happy, but the feeling when I put them on running faster and jumping higher did make me happy.

    When holidays came, or the summer vacation from school came. I was so happy, not just because I was one child that truly, HATED going to school with a passion but because I knew soon I’d be on grandma and grandpa’s farm for three whole months! I was a farm girl locked into living in the city nine months out of the year.


    On that farm, I was completely content and happy.


    There were no new cars, no diamond rings, or fancy houses. There was only happiness. That is when I realized that things don’t make you happy.  People you love and the things you love to do make you happy. Internal freedom to choose to be happy is fantastic. Yes, things will get you down; things will change in your life. What keeps you happy is the conscious choice to remain happy regardless of what is going on in your life.

    As a child, we don’t realize that being happy is all we know until something comes along to steal that happiness or misplace it and forget where we put it. Bad things happen and being able to tap into that internal happiness is so important. Dig deep, gather up all those negative things that life has dealt you. Put them away, lock them where they will not, and cannot touch your heart, mind, and soul. You will once again know the childhood joy of total happiness.



    Bless you and all the lives you touch,

    Susan J. Boston