Inspiration For Life

I do believe in you; God made you and God don’t make junk! We are all born in one image, and as we grow, our perceptions change. Why? Our models vary because we let them.


The sweetest human ever born given the right circumstances, and the wrong attitude could be the next serial killer. Keeping yourself positive in this day and age is hard, I know.


However, it is a crucial requirement for staying upbeat as life unleashes our trials and tribulations on us. All your life, you will have these trials.


First, you need to know that God has you covered. Then you need to realize throughout history, positive changes have only happed after an upheaval of some kind. Usually, the more significant the need for change, the bigger the catastrophic event will seem. 


I don’t know about you, but when these things happen at times, I say or think, “What did we do to make God so mad at us.” Do you ever feel this way? It’s a normal feeling, don’t worry.


We tend to forget bad things don’t come from God. There’s this other guy we try and ignore or pretend doesn’t exist. It is him causing the mess, and God cleans it up. We, humans, tend to mess things up as well, and yes, God cleans up after us as well.


The great thing is when God cleans something up. He makes it better, at least until the other guy or ourselves mess it up again.


In this time we are living in at this moment., keep yourself busy, maybe not watch the news so much (sorry to the news channels) but face it you are a bummer!


If you can stay away from others right now, do so but, don’t stop living life. You love to go to the Mall and look around? Why not take a look around at Nature instead?


You don’t have to stay in your house playing games, go outside and play them, as we did back in the old days! LOL


Rather than whine about things you can’t change, it is a great time to re-invent yourself, what you do and how you do it.


No matter what the devil throws at you, squeeze out the evil, and turn it into a blessing. If you don’t know how to don’t worry, God has the recipe! You can do this, I believe in you, now you do the same. 


Bless you and all the lives you touch,

Susan J. Boston