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Don’t Break The Bank!

Welcome to your internet tools menu

This menu is to help you run your business; I want to welcome you. Your business whatever that business is or wherever you run it from, you still need tools for accomplishing the job.

Regardless of what your company sells, it needs customers and a way to communicate with them. You need to keep track of them with the ability to reach out to them. This tool is called an email autoresponder. This tool will be one of your most essential tools because it is your direct line to your customers and clients.


The other communication tool we have is for those people that cannot be right there with you. We have included at no extra cost; a Live Conference Room. This tool is more important than ever in these times where it’s not safe to meet face to face with others due to COVID-19.


However, before you can communicate with them, you have to get them on your list so you can email them or invite them to a conference. The way you do this is with a Landing Page Builder, and as it so happens, we have that too!

In addition to these three must-have tools, we have others just as essential and dyer to your business. All of these tools can be your for what you would pay for only one device elsewhere. We are a company with an affiliate program offered as well.


We look forward to work with you and for you.



Susan J. Boston