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    Insight Are Only Children Lonely?


    Are only children lonely? Yes, but, many times, they don’t realize how lonely. It’s easy for other children with siblings to be envious of an only child. Children blessed with brothers and sisters only see the advantages of only children, things like attention, toys, no fighting, and no sharing. I know it seems perfect, doesn’t it?

    I guess it’s right; there are some distinct advantages of being an only child, such as those listed above; however, the disadvantages far outway them. You are always lonely, and solitude weighs heavily on you physically, mentally, and socially as well.


    Multi children households teach children about socially acceptable behavior. Also, having siblings teaches children about sharing, caring, working, and playing with others. It also reinforces the pack-animal instinct we have at birth.


    The only child at times can be anti-social, unable to share, or know how to interact with other children. The only outcome is to become an introvert or extravert. Many only children will become an introvert to the point of excess. The stunted growth of interaction with others may never reverse, leading to a very lonely life.


    The only child that is an extravert gets labeled the attention seeker, spoiled brat, selfish or weird. Many times, the only child feels the same way about themself. The child may mask this from others, but deep down, the feelings haunt them.


    Not possessing socialization skills makes it harder for the only child to make friends. The upside is when they do make a friend; the friend is not a friend but family. The same goes for other biological distant family members of the child, such as cousins, Aunts, and Uncles.


    Too many times, only children get unfairly labeled. We are a cuddly friendly bunch that loves our friends and family. We are giving and excited to be your friend. 🙂


    Bless you and all the lives you touch,