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    Quick Tips for Social Networking for Business


    You have started a business or are thinking about it, but you are not sure where to start. Let’s see if we can help you with that start-up problem through social networking for business.


    When you first start as a new marketer/business owner, you don’t know how to advertise your business. Many of the seasoned marketers (think) they know but do it wrong. A quick word of warning about social marketing: it takes some time.

    Things to do


    1. Be friendly
    2. engage others post (likes and replies)
    3. Be consistent/be sincere
    4. Have patience


    You need to be friendly and engage other people’s posts rather than trying to wow them with your geniuses. You should give out likes and comments and be consistent about it but also be sincere. Most important, be patient. It takes people some time to warm up to you and trust you.


    Things You Shouldn’t Do


    1. Throw out links
    2. Never approach from a business point of view
    3. Never poo-poo on other people business
    4. Don’t assume if they have a business; they are not interested in yours. No doesn’t always mean no. At times it might mean maybe.


    You can’t go to a social network and start throwing out URLs and ads. It will not work, not even in groups built for that type of thing. When you toss out links rather than engage that person, you become one of the heard.


    I wish you success,

    Susan J. Boston

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