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    What is a Start Up Business-Business Plan

    A startup business is a business plan. It starts with a few simple questions. Is there a need or want for your idea or product? Will it work? Before you can sell anything, there has to be a need or a desire for what you offer.


    You probably couldn’t sell saltwater to someone that owns an ocean.


    A startup business is anything that can help, improve, or solve a problem for people. The field is wide open. All you need is an idea or concept to build on, and you are on your way.


    Once you have settled on the business, you work on how to make it work. The how to make it a success is more important than the what to do question.


    You have arrived at the time you put the icing on the cake at this point. It would be best if you decided how you will advertise your business, ensure you have money set aside for advertising, and you are not on your way to living like on your terms.


    What is a startup business? It is your best shot to riches and living life the way you always dreamed it could be, but it does come with a lot of hard work. Many people are not willing to put forth the work and will fail. Let me as you this in closing:


    “What would you do never to have to clock-in again, go on vacation when you want, have all the things you have dreamed of, and get to the point you can earn where ever you are and whatever you are doing?”


    Now you know what a startup business is; it’s your future.


    To your future,

    Susan J. Boston

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