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    Where Does Happiness Come From?


    Have you ever wonder about this? You will hear people say, “Life is what you make it.” Is it? I am afraid I have to take exception to this statement, and here is why.


    If our lives are what we make of it, does that mean the homeless want to be homeless? Does it mean people out of work just don’t want to work? What about those people with chemical imbalances in their brains, do they want to be depressed?  We will stop here because I believe I have made my point.


    The statement, “Life is what you make it.” does not answer the question of where happiness comes from; it’s just a pat answer. Life is not happiness. Life is only life. Look around you; see much joy there?


    I could agree if the statement were, “Happiness is what you make it.” You make your happiness. You have to because life many times is not a happy place so you can’t depend on the perfect experience to make you happy. You have to depend on your (happiness roadmap).



    Too many times, people think unhappy people can just suck it up and move on when this is not the case at all. These people don’t realize happiness is a road map. Some people get a bit lost on this road and need some help.


    Detours on The Road of Happiness



    • News
    • Negative interactions
    • Life
    • Sickness
    • Losses
    • Medical


    News is the biggest downer I have ever seen. I realize people want to know what is going on in the world. We have to face facts; for the most part, if it were good news, it would not make the news.


    When your map takes you from the news to social media, and let’s face it most the time, it does so you can post what you have seen. (I do the same thing, I’m not scolding you!) When we do this, however, it brings on a vast onslaught of opinions. Many of these opinions are like ours, and many are not. We tend to get defensive when someone disagrees with us. (Stress and Anger, not Happiness)


    Life is like the biggest rollercoaster ride in the world.  You will never ride a rollercoaster with so many ups/downs. We can’t forget the 90 degree turns it often throws at us as well. Both of these can make you want to scream at the top of your lungs.


    Sickness and death are not selective about who it invades. There is no-one immune to being sick with minor and major health problems, Illness is just another part of life to deal with and overcome, and everyone suffers the loss of loved ones through death. Unfortunately, death is just another blow from a life lived; this is unavoidable. So, with all that said, what can you do?


    Take The Key to Happiness With You




    Honestly, you don’t have a choice but to take the key to your happiness with you because that key is within you, not in your pocket. Your joy resides inside of you, and you are the only keyholder. I am not telling you sadness, depression, and unhappiness is something you can avoid, you can’t, you are human, and emotions are a part of you.


    You feel love, hate, sadness, sorrow, and much more, feeling things is not the problem. The problem comes when you don’t deal with or overcome and recover from the situation. Two things keep you from victory over not having your happiness.


    1. Recurring Agitation
    2. Chemical Problems


    Recurring agitation is when you read or view news that upsets you, then you post it to social media sights. There is nothing wrong with doing this if you can keep yourself from more agitation during conversations with others that do not see things like you.


    Try not to overwatch the news; don’t get into conversations on social media on subjects that are volatile at this moment. Overlook those horrible things people might say to you and just walk away.


    If dealing with sickness or death, you must realize this is all a part of life, and you can’t change it. What you can do is take breaks, sit outside and gaze at nature. Let the negative feelings flow out of your body.


    Healthy, short-lived unhappiness you can handle, longterm sadness is more than just unhappy feelings. You need to read this through, and if you need help, use the number at the bottom or see your Doctor.

    More serious is the chemical imbalance within one’s brain; this is a matter of great concern. Typically, those that are temporarily unhappy, sad, depressed, and so on are this way for a short time.


    When you are experiencing long periods of sadness, unhappiness, depression, and anxiety, there is a more severe problem. You might also experience disinterest in things you use to love. Are you afraid of being alone yet don’t want to be around anyone?  Are you feeling too tired even to function and can’t seem to shake these feelings? If you answer, yes, seek professional help. Never be scared to ask for help when you can’t overcome these feelings. If you can’t push through these feelings in a short time on your own, it’s time to get help. The national helpline is: 1-866-307-9370 or (Contact your Physician)


    Where does happiness come from, you ask? It comes from inside of you.


    Bless you and all the lives you touch,

    Susan J. Boston