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    Why Are People so Mean

    I wonder over and over again why are people so mean? I don’t think I am alone on this either. I can’t or won’t believe you can’t see what people are saying, commenting and posting online, and NOT ask this same question. Then you go to Youtube Videos it gets worse! How can people be so horrible?

    What in their lives has turned them inside out painted them mean and evil, then returned them to the natural-looking form? I’ve seen comments and things that left my mouth hanging open online. It is so hard to believe people can be that near-sided and petty and down right mean. When see people being mean what I am seeing is the picture above.


    THIS is What I Want Us to See

    Let’s just get back to all the cute things and ignore the bad, I’ve about had enough of the negative haven’t you? I’m going to rebuke all the meanness in the world and work on the cute, sweet, kind and caring of the world.


    Enjoy your day!